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Cred Bounty Buzz Offer : Earn Cashbacks | Pay Credit Card Bills

Cred Bounty Buzz Offer 

Cred Offer, Buzz Offer, Bounty Buzz, Cred Scratch Card, Cred Spins, Free Cashbacks, Credit Card Bill — Hello guys, hope you are enjoying all the offer and benefits of the Cred App and the OneCard App. Recently Cred has launched a new offer called Bounty Buzz Offer where you get 15-16 Buzz, or say, spins by which you can earn cashbacks. This cashbacks is 100% redeemable and you can use it in paying your credit card bills.

In this offer you get 15 chances daily to earn ₹50-60 daily. This process get renewed daily.

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Cred Bounty Buzz Offer

Are you new to Cred ? Download the Cred App for using OneCard App | New users get upto ₹1000 cashbacks

Cred App OneCard App


How to Grab cashbacks from Cred Bounty Buzz Offer :

  1. Open/Download your Cred App — CLICK HERE.
    Cred App
  2. On homepage itself you’ll get to see Cred Bounty Banner.
    or go to rewards section and check the bounty offer banner
    Cred Bounty Buzz Offer 2
  3. Click on Win Now button to start buzzing.
  4. Choose Tap the buzzer buttons on your friends name, you do not need to share, just tapping on it will count your buzzing.
  5. For each Buzz, you will earn Coins or Cashbacks.
  6. Your winnings will be instantly credited to your Cred Wallet.
    Cred Bounty Buzz Offer 3
  7. You can repeat these steps until your Total Buzz exhausts.
  8. You may get Golden Buzz options that will give you Free chances.
  9. You can use 100% of your earned cash for paying your Credit Card Bills.
  10. Again the next day you get 15 Buzz credited, Buzz accordingly and earn cashbacks.

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