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Google Pay Transaction Informations

Google Pay Information

Google Pay, GPay Limit, GPay, Transaction Limit, Transaction Failure —  Google Pay is a very popular UPI based money transfer app. It has created a huge user base in the last few years. The interface of GPay is quite simple. Because of this, many people like to use it as a payment app. Recently we have discussed the offer of Google Pay Super Wall Offer where you have earned Rs.600 cashbacks for Free.

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But, when it comes to transactions, Google Pay has limited single day transactions. Apart from this, Google Pay has also put a limit on how much money you can transfer in a day.

In such a situation, Google Pay users should know how much money they can transfer from this app. Here we are telling about it in details. As we all know Google Pay works on the UPI platform. With this you can send money to another person or merchant in real time. Like everything else, it also has some limits.

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Google Pay Daily Transactions Limits 

You can send up to Rs 1 lakh in a day on Google Pay. Maximum 10 transactions can be done on this in a day. You cannot request more than Rs 2000 in a day through this app. Apart from G Pay’s own limit for money transfer, there are also some bank limits.

How to Use Google Pay ?

Google Pay is an UPI based app which can be used for doing online transactions of Send Money, Pay Bills and Pay Merchants

Because of this, you cannot send money from G Pay even if you have balance in the bank. This bank limit is different for every bank. You can see about the bank limit on the bank’s website. Apart from this, if the system sees any suspicious activity in the receiver’s account, it will hold the transaction and inform you about it. This is done to prevent fraud.

After the limit is over on Google Pay, you can wait till the next day. Apart from this, you can use other payment methods like online net banking or NEFT. There is no easy way to increase the Google Pay UPI limit. If your business works on this, then you can request to increase the limit by calling customer care.


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