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Mobikwik Too Yumm Offer : Get 100% assured cashback + ₹5000 worth Gold

Mobikwik Too Yumm Offer

Too Yumm Offer, Mobikwik Too Yumm Offer, Free Mobikwik cash, Too Yumm Mobikwik Code, Redeem Code — Hello guys hope you are active in our loots and offers, Have you grabbed the Paytm Oreo Cashback ? Here is a new post offer from Mobikwik and Too Yumm where you get Rs.20 Assured Cashback on purchasing Rs.20 pack of Too Yumm, Rs.5 cashback on Rs.5 pack. Moreover you get Rs.500+Rs.5000 Free Gold. For Now there is a bug that every user is getting the FREE Gold. But as per terms of the offer, every 5th user should get the Gold of Rs.500. So take advantage of the bug and grab the Free gold of Rs.500.

Too Yumm — Too Yumm brings to you this exciting contest wherein you stand a chance to win Digital Gold every five minutes during the contest. You also get assured 100% Mobikwik cashback on your purchase of specially marked promo packs of Too Yumm!

Too Yumm Mobikwik Unique Code

Too Yumm Mobikwik Prize Distribution :

Too Yumm Mobikwik Offer  Prize Winners
Rs.20 Cashback To all users
Rs.500 Free Gold 11520 winners
Rs.5000 Free Gold 850 winners


How to Participate in the Too Yumm Mobikwik Offer :

  1. Purchase any of this ‘Too YUMM’ packs from your nearest store
    • Too Yumm Karare: Rs.5, Rs.10 and Rs.20 packs
    • Too Yumm MGC: Rs.5, Rs.10, Rs.20 and Rs.35 packs
    • Too Yumm VS: Rs.5, Rs.10, Rs.20 and Rs.35 packs
  2. You will find 12 Digit Unique code inside the pack
  3. Now format SMS like this

    <Unique Code> to 7090670906

  4. You will receive Congratulation SMS with Mobikwik assured ₹20 voucher code
    Mobikwik Too Yumm Message Code

How to Redeem Too Yumm Redeem Code :

  1. Download / Open your Mobikwik Account
  2. Complete KYC
  3. Click on “All Services” >> “Redeem Vouchers
  4. Paste the Code that your received in your SMS.
  5. You wallet will be credited with Rs.20
  6. If you are lucky you may receive the Rs.500 / Rs.5000 Gold Code. Redeem accordingly.
  7. Gold will be credited to your account within 2-3 days.
    Mobikwik Gold Code Redeem

Too Yumm Mobikwik Contest Details :

  1. The contest will commence from 10.00:01 AM on 01/02/2022 to 5:59:59 PM on 31/05/2022
  2. 12370 winners will be selected in every day between 12:01:00 pm to 7:59:59 pm during the contest period. Entries coming between 8:00:00 pm to 11:59:59 am will not receive the cashback code and will also not be eligible for participation in the Lucky Draw. The Entries will be required to be re-sent during the next day for becoming eligible for Cash Back and to participate in the Lucky Draw.
  3. Time of participation will be defined as the time at which the entry is received through the SMS mode of participation at Guiltfree Industries Limited
  4. Entries coming outside the Contest Period will not be considered for winner selection.
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