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New SIM Card Rules to implement from July 1

New SIM Card Rules in India

If you are using a mobile and having a SIM Card, there is an important news for you, as of new rules to be implemented all over India from July 2024. Hello guys how are you all ? Hope you’re enjoying all the offers and deals posted in our Telegram Channel. Here is a new post for the new rules set by TRAI in India. SIM Swapping, SIM Swap, SIM Port, MNP, Online Scam Call — This new rule is just to stop those who are doing online scams and hacking. This will stop loss for the victims. There are many scams everyday over phone, so it is to be stopped. So let us know the detail which the new rule is to be implemented amongst us.

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The new rules and regulations for the mobile users have been opened for all. As each and every citizen of India is having a mobile phone and is having at least a SIM Card. The new rule has been issued by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on March 15, 2024, that is to be implemented across India from 1st July, 2024. TRAI says that by changing the rules, the cases of online fraud can be stopped. But some common people may face some problems on this.

What is the Change in this Rule ?

In this new rules, mobile phone users who have recently swapped their SIM Cards will not be able to port their mobile number. Now what is SIM Swapping ? SIM Swapping is termed simply as Exchanging SIM. This happens when the SIM Card is lost or is broken. Here in this case, you ask your telecom operator or either your nearest network retailer to replace your old SIM with a new one, by providing your Identity.

What is the benefit of this New Rule ?

TRAI says that taking this step will prevent the incidents of fraud. This is the initiative to stop loss of victims. The fraudsters are now unable to swap your SIM card or doing MNP (Mobile Number Portability), porting the mobile network connection just immediately after replacement.

What is SIM swapping?

In today’s era, SIM swapping is the common type of fraud taking place. Frauds are increasing day-by-day, where fraudsters easily capture your PAN card and Aadhar Card photo. After that, on the pretext of losing the mobile, they get a new SIM card issued. After this, the OTP received on your number reaches the fraudsters. This helps them to take away all of your money from your Bank Account, as your Bank OTP are reaching them.

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TRAI’s Recommendation :

TRAI has recommended the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to launch a new service in which the name of every incoming call is displayed on the mobile user’s handset, whether the name is saved in the contact list or not. This means if someone is calling you, and their number is not saved in your phone from before, then their name will be shown on your screen.

Positively, with this, incidents of fraud can be controlled. But this has raised questions regarding privacy, which is void to many people.

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