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Udemy Free Courses : New Courses Everyday

Udemy Free Courses

Today education is done more on the basis of online education. It is easy for everyone today to get online education at easy meets of SmartPhones and Laptops. Udemy always offers some courses at free of cost. We have handpicked those deals and posted for you below. But remember, it if for limited time. So if you are interested in the course, do enroll it quickly and apply the coupon , and download the course in your account, so that you can access the course as well., If you see that the coupon is not working at the time of your checking., do forget that course for the time being, as because the owner may has disabled the coupon as the number of users requirement has already been fulfilled. We update this page on the daily basis, so bookmark this page so that it may help you.

Hello readers, as Corona is causing havoc over people and there is lockdown everywhere, its now difficult for gathering knowledge. Relating to this, Many companies have overcome this and offered free courses. The Premium Courses are also given for FREE. Here we are updating regularly all the courses that are available for FREE by Udemy. If you are not aware of the other companies like Byju, TestBookVedantu that are providing FREE Courses.

Udemy Free Courses : NvTechMania

What is Udemy ?

Udemy is a platform where your can get courses on different fields. The courses are in the form of videos. And all the courses offered are of high quality and experts. it offers totally FREE courses as well. And if you think : are Udemy courses worth it? Then it’s a good bet for you as a student and also a good bet for the instructors who may earn some money if the student decides that the topic and the instructor is worth an additional (and usually very affordable) investment. There are 200+ Courses that you can avail for FREE.

Udemy Free Courses : NvTechMania

How to Get Udemy Premium Courses for FREE :—

  1. Firstly Download the Official Udemy App — CLICK HERE
  2. Create or Login to your account.
  3. You’ll see a number of courses.
  4. You can choose your desired courses
  5. Enjoy the videos of the courses.
  6. At last you can also grab a valid certificate for pursuing the course.
  7. Below are List of Courses that you can avail for free.

Updated for 12 March 2023

Sl.No. Course Name Coupon Enroll the Course
1 Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: Master the Develop Module YOUACCEL80938 ENROLL NOW
2 Setup LAMP Stack on a Remote Cloud Server + PHP Foundations YOUACCEL76571 ENROLL NOW
3 Production workflow with Blender F3S_S_NEW_E23DF ENROLL NOW
4 Build A TodoList with Elixir, Phoenix and Electron React CODEBRAINS_FREE ENROLL NOW
5 Niche Website Elementor WordPress Website blog tutorials 06C476E50E78FDB79E58 ENROLL NOW
6 Systematic Literature Review : A Practical Guide FREECOURSE ENROLL NOW
7 The Literature Review : A Comprehensive Six Step Guide FREECOURSE ENROLL NOW
8 Write 2 Sell: 28 Copywriting Templates & Ecommerce SEO 2023 LUCKYWATERRABBIT3 ENROLL NOW
9 Creating Video Lessons with Online Video Maker InVideo INVIDEO_MAR23_1 ENROLL NOW
10 Personal Branding System 3.0: UNIQUE Secret for YOUR Success MAR2023FREE01 ENROLL NOW
11 GCP PCA – Google Professional Cloud Architect FEB-DROP ENROLL NOW
12 Der komplette WordPress-Kurs für Einsteiger B3120C273203AF96DE90 ENROLL NOW
13 Master Course of Amazon Connect 0E3F78CCD8E1E803A4DB ENROLL NOW
14 Master Course of Rapid Application Development 0052E2B3484C4BD3FD46 ENROLL NOW
 15 Master Course in Microsoft MS-720 : MS Teams Voice Engineer E5CA1592800A7B8A641A ENROLL NOW
 16 Create Quiz using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JQuery 15163CF48EE90FB0E608 ENROLL NOW
17 GCP ACE – Google Associate Cloud Engineer Certification FEB-DROP ENROLL NOW
 18 GCP PCD – Google Professional Cloud Developer FEB-DROP ENROLL NOW
19 GCP Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification FEB-DROP ENROLL NOW
20 Setup LAMP Stack on a Remote Cloud Server + PHP Foundations YOUACCEL76571 ENROLL NOW
 21 The Concept of Waste D4DCDA27BB39F550C445 ENROLL NOW
22 Ultimate Guide to Product Design: Design Thinking Approach MAR2023FREE01 ENROLL NOW


Updated for 08 March 2023

Sl.No. Course Name Coupon Enroll the Course
1 The Complete Introduction into Digital Advertising: All in 1 LUCKYWATERRABBIT4 ENROLL NOW
2 Adobe Photoshop CC Fundamentals and Essentials Training C8AD1400ECCBEC623192 ENROLL NOW
3 Complete Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Course 2023 3309C4ADAF8FE4E8802F ENROLL NOW
4 Python And Flask Framework Complete Course 928E1DAFDCD7953C66B4 ENROLL NOW
6 jQuery for Absolute Beginners : From Beginning to Advanced JQUERYMAR2023 ENROLL NOW
7 Aprende JavaScript de CERO a EXPERTO 2D3CEE4DAE7E64283143 ENROLL NOW
8 CSS And Javascript Crash Course F581E296946F0CC775CC ENROLL NOW
9 Algı Mimarisi: Ayrıntıları Fark Etmeyi Öğrenmek 00941A94AE5C0E443F24 ENROLL NOW
10 Git Interview Questions and Answers: MCQs (Practice Tests) 4C4A6367166F36810E2D ENROLL NOW
11 The Complete Computer Forensics Course for 2023 PRO | CFCT+ OCSALY_FORENSICS ENROLL NOW
12 Power System Protection Fundamentals – Series1 D3FCF260656A6A1F5F78 ENROLL NOW
13 Power System Protection Fundamentals – Series2 FEBF3B125180CADA71B2 ENROLL NOW
14 Power System Fundamentals – Practice Test 1 C7949A1DFAEB7CFB4E9C ENROLL NOW
15 Power Systems Engineering – Vlog1 2EC60BF7704B9042059F ENROLL NOW
16 Understanding Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology E178E99E6AAEE3A1E064 ENROLL NOW
17 Importance of Power Quality in Power System 130E6596A5081919BE81 ENROLL NOW
18 Power Transformer Fundamentals DA83BA301CCBD45CA2C2 ENROLL NOW
19 Power System Analysis Fundamentals 01E492865B2BF9630C6B ENROLL NOW
20 Protection & Coordination Fundamentals – Distribution System 405FC475D061840F55AB ENROLL NOW
21 Accounting-Bonds Payable, Notes Payable, Liabilities 81AC9B9B5F8C94AECF47 ENROLL NOW
22 Accounting-Statement of Cash Flows 44EFB335B92B651FF021 ENROLL NOW
23 Job Order Costing System – Managerial Accounting F223B5043DA0CBEBFCB9 ENROLL NOW
24 QuickBooks Pro-Business & Personal-One QuickBooks File E577AF883D4DC66DBBE7 ENROLL NOW
25 Forex and Commodity Trading Masterclass 8AE4607D229D5EAFD843 ENROLL NOW
26 Plumbing Sanitary System 2023 from A-Z EE4660A38F10AFF46034 ENROLL NOW
27 How to make Video Intro and Outro: A Beginner’s Guide LYKABLE030823 ENROLL NOW
28 IEEE 1584-2018 | Guide for Performing Arc Flash Calculations 58BB819C7BA910933AD0 ENROLL NOW
29 Current Transformer Fundamentals F35BEF593528765D1E11 ENROLL NOW
30 Oracle Java Certification Exam OCA 1Z0-808 Preparation 2023 837DBE032B43ED9BC074 ENROLL NOW
31 Primavera P6 Training – For Beginners MARCH457BE8F8 ENROLL NOW
32 Scrum Master Certification (PSM1) – IN Hindi PSMHINDI ENROLL NOW
33 The Complete Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts D0562EC1FE14AB5CE41E ENROLL NOW
34 Financial Accounting-Debits & Credits-Accounting Transaction A57085E86B6A8B30872F ENROLL NOW
35 QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop vs. Excel C51D6B90CC55BDC2C069 ENROLL NOW
36 QuickBooks Desktop Bank Reconciliation 48CAD1911F5D518AB981 ENROLL NOW
37 QuickBooks Online Bank Reconciliation A896F813BC41B8706E2C ENROLL NOW
38 Financial Accounting – Closing Process 9759D66A2D762A2AF130 ENROLL NOW
39 Financial Accounting–Inventory & Merchandising Transactions FEFECE88F789E8C37236 ENROLL NOW
40 Bank Reconciliations & Cash Internal Controls 99D7119DE4D2199BD94D ENROLL NOW
41 Receivables & The Allowance vs The Direct Write Off Methods CD29841F2DBCC24146E9 ENROLL NOW
42 Financial Accounting – Payroll CA54E6863EC8715B10BF ENROLL NOW
43 Accounting for Corporations A3E8A3E87E2A3E525B70 ENROLL NOW


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