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Britannia’s 50 50 4th Umpire Contest : Win Cricket Match Ticket & Other Prizes.

Britannia’s 50 50 4th Umpire Contest

Google Pay with combination along Britannia’s 50 50 Biscuits product has newly brought out an offer with a promotion from Britannia, where you can purchase the Britannia packs and redeem freebies on Google Pay. This is very much interesting offer brought to you by both of the companies. This is to promote the Britannia’s 5050 Biscuits.

Britannia 5050

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Get ready this September as cricket mania comes to us and get the excitement to an all-time high. To add to the cricket season, we bring you Britannia’s 5050 4th Umpire offer on Google Pay. Cricket lovers get to live the sport when they play the fourth umpire. They also get a chance to win cricket match tickets and more.

In this fun and interactive game, you have to collect 8 unique game cards. The more unique game cards you collect, the greater your chances to win cricket match tickets and up to ₹100 INR cashback offer.

What you need :

To play the game, you need:

  • The latest version of the Google Pay app
    Google Pay App ⤵️
  • Any packet of Britannia 5050 biscuits with the Google Pay logo, like:
    • 5050 Sweet & Salty
    • 5050 Maska Chaska
    • 5050 Golmaal
    • 5050 Potazos

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How to Participate in the Game :

Step 1: After you buy a Britannia 5050 biscuit packet with the Google Pay logo, scan the QR code found at the front of the packet. You’ll land on Britannia offer page on the Google Pay app .

If your scan fails, on your browser, enter the text link printed along the QR code. To proceed, tap View details on Google Pay.

Step 2: On Britannia’s offer page, enter the 16-digit unique code that you can find on the biscuit packet. It’s printed on the packet below other items, like MRP and manufacturing date. The last number in the series of line items in the MRP panel is the 16-digit code. Each unique code can only be used once.

You can either:

  • Scan the 16-digit code. Scanning the code gives higher chances to win rare cards.
  • Enter the 16-digit code manually.

Step 3: Watch the animated cricket match quiz video.

As the umpire, decide on the outcome of the animated cricket match.

  • This is a timed challenge. When the video starts to play, the timer starts.
  • There’s no replay option, you can only watch each video once. If you quit the quiz midway, you lose all progress.
  • The level of difficulty increases as your game level goes up.

Step 4: For every correct answer, you win a collectible game card.

  • You can receive the same game card more than once.

Step 5: To win up to ₹100 INR cashback and exclusive rewards, collect the unique game cards for each game level.

  • On the Britannia offer page, you can find your collection of game cards and the milestones based on the game level that you completed.
    • There are 8 unique game cards and 4 game levels you need to complete:
      Game level Number of unique game cards to collect Reward
      Level 1 3 ₹10 INR to ₹25 INR cashback offer
      Level 2 6 ₹25 INR to ₹100 INR cashback offer
      Level 3 7 Exclusive merchandise
      Level 4 8 Cricket match tickets

      Redeem cashback on your next Google Pay transaction within 7 days.

  • You can only be rewarded for the respective game level if all previous levels have been completed.


  • The number of times that you can play is printed on your biscuit packet:
    • 5050 Sweet and Salty: 2 gameplays
    • 5050 Maska Chaska: 3 gameplays
    • 5050 Golmaal: 4 gameplays
    • 5050 Potazos: 4 gameplays
  • For more information on the game’s rules and its terms and conditions, refer to Britannia campaign’s landing page on the Google Pay app.

Conclusion :

In this post we have discussed about the offer of both the companies GPay and Britannia combinely bringing out an offer where you can earn freebies. Hope you liked the post and understood the offer. If you have any doubts, do feel free to comment below and we will be there to help you out. Stay active in the Telegram Channel to receive regular alerts of the lastest offers and deals online. If you liked the post do share the post with your friends, family and groups.

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