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SIM Porting : How to Port a Number | Steps

How to Port a Number to other Network 

Many a times we are not happy with our existing telecom complany and we want to switch to other telecom provider. In such case there are some formalities that we have to follow so as to port our number. Below we have discussed the step by step information which will help you to guide you port your number. How to Port a SIM, SIM Porting, SIM Port number, Airtel, Vi, Jio, BSNL — We can switch between the different networks like Airtel, Vi, Jio or BSNL and switch among any.

Recently the telecom providers have incresed the prices of the plans . User will always prefer for the cheaper and best plans for themselves. If your telecom operator does not have a plan according to your need or if you have got upset with your telecom operator, then you can get the SIM port if you want. It is very easy to get a SIM port, you can do this work sitting at home in a pinch. That’s all, you should know how to get the SIM port.

What is SIM Porting ?

Mobile number portability (MNP) is a service that allows a cellphone or smartphone customer to change telecom carrier and keep the same phone number. The lack of number portability between wireless carriers has kept many consumers in India from changing cell phone service providers.

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First of all, let us tell you that getting a SIM port means that whatever number you are using, the telecom operator will change without changing it. That is, you do not need to change the number to get the SIM of any other operator. Rather you can change the operator on your existing number. Please note that there is no limit on SIM porting. You can port the SIM any number of times you want. Just keep in mind that it is mandatory to use an operator for at least three months. Here we are telling you how to port the SIM.

How to Port a SIM ?

  1. Firstly you have to send an SMS from your existing number.
  2. Compose a SMS — “PORT<space>phone number” send it to 1900.
    in place of phone number, you write your number.
  3. After successful SMS sending, you will get a SMS with a unique porting code.
  4. Note it down.
  5. Visit your operator’s retail Store. Or you may use home services.
  6. You will need to carry some documents so as to verify your identity. Take any govt. ID, preferrably Aadhar, Voter ID, Driving Licence. Also carry Passport Size Photograph.
  7. After your verification is done, pay the port fee, and take your new SIM.
  8. Your existing SIM will be turned off, and you will have to insert the new provided SIM.
  9. After network arrives in the new SIM, so the tele-verification and you’re done !
  10. You can now enjoy all the facilites of the new telecom provider with the old phone number
  11. This complete process may take upto 24-48 hours.

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Conclusion :

In this post we have discussed the steps and information of how to port a number to other telecom provider and use the services from your old existing phone number itself. If you have any doubts, do feel free to comment below. If this post helped you, do share with your friends, family and groups.


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