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Amazon Play and Earn FZ Coins Quiz – 23 December 2023

Amazon Play and Earn FZ Coins Quiz Answers

Amazon is organizing Play and Earn FZ Coins quizzes on daily basis on their application, where you can win FZ coins which can be redeemed to Amazon Vouchers. Amazon Quiz Answers, Amazon Quizzes, Amazon Funzone, Funzone Jackpot Quiz, FZ Coins, Win Prizes —  Hello guys, hope you are enjoying all out loot offers and tricks. We are providing you the correct answers of Play and Earn FZ Coins Quiz of Amazon. The FZ Coins will expire on 31st January 2023. We shall be updating all the daily quiz answers in this single post daily. So do bookmark this page on you browser so that you get all the correct answers and do participate in the quiz and win chances to win the exciting prizes.

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Daily Jackpot – Earn upto 30 FZ Coins

Q. Who flew the first airplane?

A) James Watt
B) Homi J. Bhabha
C) Srinivasa Ramanujan
D) The Wright brothers

Answers — The Wright brothers 

Daily Quiz – Earn 10 FZ Coins

Q1. How many minutes are there in an hour ?

Answers — 60 [D]

Q2. How many moons does the Earth have?

Ans — 1 [B] ✅

Q3. Name the hardest substance available on Earth

Ans — Diamond [D] ✅

Q4. Which number comes after 999?

Ans — 1000 [C] ✅

Q5. The chemical formula of water is H₂O. True or False?
Ans — True [A] ✅


Weekly Jackpot Quiz Answers — Earn upto 50 FZ Coins | 17 – 23 December 2023


Weekly Quiz Answers – Earn 15 FZ Coins

Q1. Which country has the largest population of tiger?

Ans — India [A] ✅

Q2. Which continent contains the most freshwater?

Ans — Antartica  [B] ✅

Q3. What is the name of our galaxy?

Ans — Milky Way[D] ✅

Q4. Name this famous monument – one of the New Seven Wonders of the World

Ans — Chichen Itza [B] ✅

Q5. Which famous mountain in Asia is this?
Ans — Mount Fuji [C] ✅

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How To Play Daily Amazon Quiz Of The Day Answers 

If you are looking to play Amazon Quiz of the Day, you are at the right place. I will guide you through how you can play the Amazon Quiz. To play the Amazon Quiz either you have to install an amazon app on your smartphone or visit amazon mobile website. Log in with your amazon account. Search for quiz or FunZone in the search bar and then you enter the fun zone area where you can see all the running quizzes on the platform. Pick any one of them as per your interest and start answering the questions. That’s how you can play amazon quiz.

  1. Download Amazon App From Google Play Store OR Apple Store.
  2. Open & Sign In To The Amazon App.
  3. Swipe left the menu pane >> Choose Programs & Features >> Funzone >> Choose the quiz you want to play
  4. Now Just Tap On Start Tab To Play The Quiz.

Where to find Amazon Quiz Correct Answers ? :

The best way to find today’s amazon quiz answers is to keep visiting our site daily. We update answers of amazon daily quiz as well as special quizzes faster than all other sites providing answers to the quizzes. You can rely on our answers and trust us.


Tip to Win in the Quiz :

There is no such formula by following that you can win quiz answers. You will have to keep trying your luck by playing the quiz daily. The most important tip I will give to all of you before you start playing the quiz.

amazon fz coins quiz

Visit this page so you can get all the correct answers and no mistake is done in giving the answers. In this way, you are increasing your chances to win quiz answers.

Conclusion :

We hope you understood how to play the quizzes, if not do feel free to comment below. By participating in the quizzes, you will win prizes. Do not forget to share winning screenshot to us so that we can post your winnings on your behalf. This will bring happiness to us too.
Lastly, do keep visiting for regular offers, deals and tricks.


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