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Flipkart Earn Free SuperCoins – Tasks and Games

Flipkart Earn Free SuperCoins

Flipkart SuperCoin Loot, Supercoin Earn, Free SuperCoins, Supercoin Games, Supercoin Tasks — hello guys how are you all ? Hope you are enjoying All The Deals And offers posted in our Telegram channel. As we know while shopping in Flipkart we on SuperCoins. And these SuperCoins are usable in our shopping and redeeming coupons. So in this post we are going to discuss the tasks and games that help us to earn free SuperCoins.

Realme Smart Watch Flipkart Challange :

Realme has unveiled its first impression of Smartwatch on Flipkart. And in the same case the Flipkart is promoting a challenge where you can earn free SuperCoins. Read below how to participate in the quiz and grab your free SuperCoins

Below are the answers we have provided you for the quiz of the challenge of realme challenge in the Flipkart quiz :

  1. Which of these following activities you can do using the new realme TechLife Watch R100? :: All of the above
  2. With the in – built Bluetooth calling feature of the realme TechLife Watch R100 , you can :: All of the above
  3. The trendy realme TechLife Watch R100 sports a premium matte finish aluminum bezel design :: True
  4. What is the tagline of the realme TechLife Watch R100 ? :: Stay in touch on the go

Now you have complete the challenge & Successfully Earned 4 free supercoins

Flipkart Acer Aspire 7 Challenge 

Play this game in Flipkart and get Assured 15 SuperCoins

  1. Firstly open the Flipkart game page by clicking here — CLICK HERE
  2. Click on The Flipkart Acer Aspire 7 Challenge Banner.
  3. Tap on the Participate button.
  4. Complete all the 2 tasks one by one
    Acer Laptop Participate Flipkart Quiz SuperCoin
    Task1: Click on the ‘notify me’ button to get ready for the big launch on 27th June.Task2: Participate in the pop quiz and earn extra super coins.
  5. After completing the Quiz you will receive 3 SuperCoins.


Flipkart Acer Aspire 7 Challenge Quiz Answers

Q1 — Acer Aspire 7 has Intel’s latest ___ gen processor
Ans —  12th Gen

Q2 — Acer Aspire 7 has ___ core processor.
Ans —  12 ✅

Q3 — Acer Aspire 7 has ___ graphic card.
Ans — GTX 1650 ✅


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