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Amazon Funzone Stars : Play and Get Amazon Gift Vouchers

Amazon Funzone Star Quiz Answers

We are providing you the answers of Amazon Funzone Quizzes regularly. Amazon is launching this “Funzone Stars” quiz and in this contest you can get Free Amazon Gift Cards by answering the questions correctly. Amazon Quiz, Funzone Stars, Amazon Correct Answers — Hello guys how are you all ? Hope you are enjoying all the offers and deals posted in our Telegram Channel. We have been regularly posting the correct answers of Amazon Quizzes. If you are searching for the “President Ram Nath Kovind in March 2022 awarded the prestigious President’s Colour 2022 to which among these?” quiz, here are the answers

You can redeem 100 Stars for ₹10 Amazon pay balance , ₹250 Stars for ₹25 amazon pay balance , ₹50 amazon voucher is available for 500 Stars. You can redeem ₹100 , ₹500 & ₹1000 amazon Pay balance too

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Amazon Quiz Answers Funzone Quiz

Play the quiz on daily basis and earn stars, so that you can redeem them as Amazon Gift Cards.

How to Play Amazon Funzone Quizzes :

  1. Download Amazon App From Google Play Store OR Apple Store.
  2. Open & Sign In To The Amazon App.
  3. Swipe left the menu pane >> Choose Programs & Features >> Funzone >> Choose the quiz you want to play
    or you can search Funzone in search bar.
  4. Now Just Tap On Start tab To Play The Quiz.
  5. On completing each game , you will be rewarded with Stars
  6. Daily Jackpot & Daily Trivia games you can play daily & earn 10-21 Stars from that. Weekly FunZone Jackpot , weekly quiz answers & win are the weekly games.


Amazon Explore Stars Quiz Answers Daily – 30 August 2022 — Win 5 Stars ⭐️

Q1: Which country’s parliament elected Dimitar Kovacevski as the new prime minister in January 2022?

Ans — North Macedonia [A] ✅

Q2- UAE’s Ahmed Naser Al-Raisi recently got elected as the president of which international organisation?

Ans — INTERPOL [B] ✅

Q3 – The red umbrella is a symbol for which group of people’s rights around the world?

Ans — Sex workers [B]

Q4 – Apart from the Chicago Bulls, this legendary basketball player also played for which NBA franchise?

Ans — Washington Wizards [C]

Q5 – This is the super saiyan form of which ‘Dragon Ball Z’ character?

Ans — Goku [B]

Amazon Explore Stars Daily Jackpot – 30 August 2022 — Win 10 Stars ⭐️

Q. The _______ pink river dolphin can change its color and also has the largest body and brain of any freshwater dolphin. Fill in the blanks

A) Gangetic
B) Arctic
C) Tenerife
D) Amazon

Answer — Amazon

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How to Redeem Amazon Funzone Stars for Amazon Pay Balance :

Amazon Explore Stars Quiz Answers Weekly 28-31 August — Win Stars ⭐️

Q1: Name the movie that has two intervals?

Ans — Sangam [C] ✅

Q2- Which Hollywood actor was considered for the role of Raj Malhotra in DDLJ?

Ans — Tom Cruise [B] ✅

Q3 – Which of the following movies is an official remake of the Korean film, ‘Ode to my father’?

Ans — Bharat [C]

Q4 – Name the movie that was nominated for the Best Foreign Film at the Oscars 2002?

Ans — Lagaan [A]

Q5 – Finish the quote from Om Shanti Om: “Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano _______”

Ans — Ramesh Babu [D]

Amazon Explore Stars Weekly Jackpot 28-31 August — Win 100 Stars ⭐️

Q. Which was the first Indian movie nominated for Oscar?

A) Lagaan
B) Salaam Bombay
C) Mother India
D) None of these

Answer : Mother India [C]

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