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Rakuten Insight : Earn Rs.100 Paytm by filling short surveys [Verified]

Rakuten Insight : Earn Rs.100-500 Paytm Cash by completing some daily short surveys [Verified]

Rakuten Insight Earn by Surveys

Hello guys how are you all ? Hope you have been grabbing all the offers and deals that we post in our channel. Do remain active in our Telegram Channel to receive daily loot alerts. Here is the post for daily earning website of Rakuten Insight, where you can earn PayTm Cash by completing some short surveys. the surveys are very simple and easy. You just have to mark some options about your own degrees. So do start now  participate in the surveys and earn Rs.100 to Rs.500 a month. You can also claim your earnings in the form of vouchers of Amazon, Paytm and Flipkart. Basically there is no limit for your earnings, you can earn more than Rs.500 too, just according to how much survey you complete.


Rakuten Insight

About Rakuten Insights :

Rakuten Insight Global, Inc (hereinafter called Rakuten Insight) serves business organizations and entities from all over the world, primarily from Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Your voices will be delivered and aggregated for the development of better products and services. After registering as a member of Rakuten Insight and responding to our online surveys from your “My Page”, you will be rewarded with EPoints.


Registration is free and open to any resident in India who is Sixteen (16) years of age or older. Register now and earn rewards. Follow the steps below.

How to start earning with Rakuten Insight :

  1. Firstly register your account by clicking here — CLICK HERE
  2. Click on JOIN US TODAY!
  3. Now, fill the given forum with details asked like your name, email, DOB and other details. Trick To Get More Surveys – Register with a Female name and Details As They Get More Surveys.
  4. Now, you’ll receive an email from them. Click on the link given and complete your registration. Now, login into your account.
  5. Setup your account.
  6. You’ll receive an email when there will be a survey that fits your description.
  7. Complete the survey and earn EPoints. 1 EPoint = Rs. 1
  8. All the requests for rewards close at the end of each month. You cannot redeem EPoints if you have less than 100 EPoints.
  9. Items will be sent to your registered address, under “Basic Profile” or “Email Address“.
  10. Before you make the redemption, please make sure to check your information is correct.

Any upcoming surveys will be notified to you by site notifications or in your email. So do check regularly

Reward Credit :

You will receive you points accumulation by just after completing each of the surveys. As soon as you accumulate a minimum of 100 points you can redeem your earnings in the form of Paytm Voucher, amazon Voucher, Flipkart Voucher. Your voucher will be sent to you in the estimated date in your account. Paytm Voucher is the most preferable voucher as you can directly add to your wallet and transfer to your Bank Account.

How to Redeem you Epoints :

  1. You can Redeem your EPoints to your PayTM Wallet, Amazon Vouchers & Flipkart Vouchers.on The Survey Site Dashboard, you can see the Redeem Option. Click on it
    Rakuten Insight Redeem
  2. Now Select the Redemption Method.
  3. Minimum Amount Should be Rs.100 or 100 EPoints.
  4. Once you redeem, rewards will be credited instantly.

Redemption History [Proof]

Rakuten Insight Redemption

Rakuten Insight Redemption

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Conclusion :

In this post we discussed about the Rekuten Insight Campaign where you can earn vouchers by just completing some short surveys. Do go through the post carefully and earn money daily. If you liked this post do share it with your groups, friends and family. If you have any doubts do feel free to comment below, we will help you out with your issues.

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